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The ORFU prohibited the use of CIRFU players and the CRU stated that players must block with their bodies and not hold opponents with their arms or hands.


The ORFU stated that all players must sign amateur cards. CRU rules that the ball was to be placed on the ground in line with the front foot of the Scrimmage before the lines could come together. John Thrift Meldrum Burnside's revised football rules were put into play in University of Toronto Inter-faculty games, and later in the Mulock Cup championship games.


The ORFU adopted the Burnside Rules which reduced teams to 12 men per side, put into play the Snap-Back system of moving the ball, required the offensive team to gain 10 yards on three downs, abolished the Throw-In from the sidelines, permitted only six men on the line, stated that all Goals by Kicking were to be worth two points and the opposition was to line up 10 yards from the defenders on all Kicks. The Rules were to be made uniform across the country as quickly as possible. The CIRFU, QRFU and CRU refused to adopt the new Rules. QRFU and CRU reduced their rosters from 15 to 14 players. CRU ruled that possession could not go beyond three scrimmages unless during the third scrimmage the ball was moved five yards on a run or a kick. Ottawa returned to the QRFU and MRFU moved to a fall schedule.


The value of a Try (touchdown) was increased to five points and Goals from a Try was reduced to one point in the ORFU. QRFU adopted a rule by Tom (King) Clancy of Ottawa that a team must make five yards on its third scrimmage to keep possession of the ball.


The Intercollegiate and Quebec Unions refused the Burnside Rules. For championship games, the CRU ruled the teams would use QRFU rules for the first half and the intercollegiate rules for the second half. QRFU moved to four 15-minute quarters; Trys worth five points and Goals from Trys worth one point. CIRFU adopted 10-yard rule for three downs and the ORFU gave captains the option of playing four 15-minute quarters. Goals from the Field were increased to three points and the Fair Catch rule was replaced by a three-yard Punt Return rule


Specifications first laid down for the size of football - 11 inches long, 23 inches in circumference and 13-3/4 ounces in weight. Goals from the Field and Free Kicks were increased to four points in the ORFU. Games were four 15-minute quarters in length. CIRFU lowered Goals from the Field to four points and Free Kicks to three points. Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club was formed March 14 at Calgary City Hall.


The Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (Big Four) grew out of an amalgamation between the Hamilton Tigers, Toronto Argonauts of the ORFU and the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Montreal Foot Ball Club of the QRFU on September 13. The QRFU withdrew from senior competition. The Ottawa entry was the result of the amalgamation of the Ottawa St. Pats and Rough Riders. Montreal won the Big Four's first game, 17-8 over Toronto and subsequently became the league's first championship team. Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club played its first game on October 31 and defeated the Strathcona Rugby Foot-ball Club 15-0 at Calgary. The CRU adopted the intercollegiate rule of one yard between opposing lines and stated that the lines could not move until the ball was put into play by the Scrimmage. Teams had to gain 10 yards in three downs; a Try was five points; a Goal from a Try was one point; a Goal from the Field was four points; a Free Kick was three points and a Penalty Kick was worth two points The ORFU adopted the CRU rules. The Edmonton Rugby Foot-ball Club was formed on April 10 and adopted the uniform colors of black with yellow facings. Edmonton played its first game on November 9 and defeated the Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club 26-5 at the Edmonton Exhibition Grounds. The Saskatchewan Rugby Football League was formed.


Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club was re-organized as the Tigers on August 27 and adopted yellow and black as the team colors. Calgary Rugby Football Union was formed on September 29 in the offices of the Sovereign Life Insurance Company. The Caledonia and Hillhurst Football Clubs play for the championship of the Central Alberta Rugby Football League on September 4. The Edmonton Rugby Foot-ball Club was re-organized as the Esquimoux on October 16. Goals from the Field were reduced to three points by the CRU.


Lord Earl Grey, the Governor General of Canada, donated a trophy to be awarded for the Rugby Football Championship of Canada. Only teams registered with the Canadian Rugby Union were eligible to compete for the trophy. The first game was played in Toronto at Rosedale Field on December 4 between the University of Toronto and the Parkdale Canoe Club with the University of Toronto winning 26-6 before 3,807 fans. Hugh Gall kicked a record eight singles in the game for the U of T. The gross revenue was $2,616.40. On December 11, following an invitation from the New York Herald newspaper, Hamilton Tigers and Ottawa Rough Riders played an exhibition game of Canadian football in New York City at Van Cortland Park. Tigers won 11-6 before 15,000 fans.

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